Winter and Spring

Spring and Winter seasons are two completely opposite that have never managed to find the correct harmony to get along. Fortunately they must live, in fact, when it appears a must humbly withdraw.

One day Mr. Winter came face to face with the young miss Spring. The old season, with his masterly air took to saying: My dear friend, you do not know to be decisive and determined. When it comes your annual period, people and animals take the opportunity to rush out from their homes or from their dens and feeding in those fields that you, with so much care, proceeded to flourish. They capture the young shrubs, mercilessly trample grass and absorb every ray of that blazing sun which, with your arrival becomes warmer. Your fruit is horrifyingly collected and eaten, and finally, with the noise and the chaos that all do, not even allow you to rest in peace. Instead they scare of me and respect me with my fog, my cold and my frost. People prefere at home and almost never comes out for fear of bad weather, and so I can stay relax andt quiet.

The beautiful and sweet Spring, hit by those words, he replied: my coming is desired by all the people that love me. You can't even imagine what it means to be so much appreciated. It's a wonderful feeling that you'll ever try because with the cold that ports at your arrival even warmer hearts makes cold. Winter not said nothing and stopped to reflect. Perhaps, being admired and loved by others, could also be a nice feeling.

To gain respect and love does not need to use force and strike fear however the best results are obtained with the goodness in sensitivity.

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